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Total Tyre Care

Bridgestone’s Total Tyre Care offers 3 levels of customized tyre management and maintenance service packages. Each provides an effective solution for reducing the total cost of your operation:

- Advanced Tyre Monitoring Programme
- Premium Tyre Maintenance Programme
- Elite Tyre Management Programme


Toolbox is a user-friendly application that helps you manage your existing and potential fleet customer portfolio and enables your salesforce to become professional Tyre Consultants.

With the Toolbox tyre inspection and monitoring application you can build strong insights on individual fleet needs and tyre performance. This will lead to continuously improved tyre maintenance policies.


Tirematics keeps your fleet moving. Automated pressure inspections and targeted alerting means quick and efficient resolution of low-pressure problems.

Regular maintenance reports by email as well as access to the Insight reporting tool allows fleet to proactively keep tyres in optimal condition with minimal service cost involved.