This image shows the Bridgestone Duravis R002 tyre driving down a highway with graphics that share its unique key features.

Groundbreaking. Boosted wear performance. Best-in-class wet grip.

Boosted wear performance & minimised cost per kilometre 1
Best-in-class wet grip 2
Optimised fuel efficiency 3



Specially designed tyre for multi-purpose use on sand and paved road.

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Save without compromising on safety or quality

Duravis R002 Technologies

This image shows a close-up of the tread pattern for Duravis R002.

Low deformation pattern & advanced compound

For boosted wear performance &amp; minimised cost per kilometre<sup>1</sup>
The smart pattern design of the Duravis R002 range features an optimised pattern geometry, footprint and high stiffness blocks to enhance the tyre wear life and keep deformation under control. Additionally, the high silica compound and dedicated compound mixing process provide consistent even wear.
This image shows how Duravis R002 attained best-in-class wet grip.

Innovative design & high silica compound

Enhanced water ejection by pattern design
The innovative Duravis R002 pattern design with Y-shaped grooves, multiple 3D sipes and lugs, provide enhanced water ejection. The high wet grip provides shorter braking distance in wet conditions. The new high silica cap compound further supports high wet grip and long-lasting traction performance.
This image shows how Bridgestone Duravis R002 delivers optimal fuel efficiency.

Low deformation pattern & NanoPro-Tech™ compound

Optimise fuel efficiency
With its advanced tread pattern design, the Duravis R002 range helps fleets use less energy and consume less fuel. The high compression stiffness blocks keep deformation under control to reduce the rolling resistance, while the Nano-Pro Tech™ cap compound ensures low energy loss.

Duravis R002 Performance

Ahead of the competition


Fleets need a tyre they can depend on in rain or shine. Duravis R002 tyres outperformed its competitors in wet braking, as demonstrated during independent tyre tests conducted by TÜV SÜD.


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This image shows the TUV test results of Duravis R002 tyres compared to competitors


Already proven in the market


Clocking in more than 12,322,853 kilometres with 151 vehicles across more than 13 fleets, Duravis R002 is helping many fleets keep their operations going. Discover how fleets managers and owners are using these tyres to solve their transport challenges.4

Reduce your costs with Bridgestone and Webfleet Solutions.


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This image shows the results of savings of Duravis R002 Tyres


Fleet Testimonials


"Our drivers are very satisfied with the good wet grip, especially when accelerating out of the round about where the previously used tyre brand could not build up sufficient traction in unloaded condition. Even on snowy roads there were no problems thanks to the reliable grip. Increased safety for our drivers!” August Gschwander, August Gschwander Transport GmbH, Germany.

“Thanks to the DURAVIS proposal made by Bridgestone consultants, we have managed to increase the mileage performance while we were surprised by the excellent wet behavior. We are very satisfied with the results obtained since we have reduced our operating cost.” Javier Gandul Sanz, Transportes Candispe, Spain.


This image shows the result of a fleet that uses the Duravis R002 Tyres

Legal Notice


1 Based on current wear performance internal test results vs predecessors R-STEER 001, R-DRIVE 001 and R168. Sizes 315/80R22.5 for STEER and DRIVE and 385/65R22.5 for TRAILER.

2 Tests carried out by TÜV SÜD on the request of Bridgestone in November 2019 at the facilities EUPG, Aprilia (Italy) for wet tests, on MAN TGX 26.500, on tyre size 315/80 R 22.5. Bridgestone DURAVIS R-STEER 002 / R-DRIVE 002 compared to the performances of main competitors in the same segment: Michelin X Multiway 3D XZE / X Multiway 3D XDE, Continental Hybrid HS3 / Hybrid HD3, Goodyear Kmax S Gen.2 / Kmax D Gen.2. Annex Report No. [713168488] Wet braking distance (60 km/h to 0 km/h) in meters: Bridgestone DURAVIS R002 (24.9), Continental Hybrid (25.3), Goodyear K-max Gen-2 (25.5), Michelin X Multiway 3D (26.1) Lateral wet grip stability (cornering) in meter/second 2: Bridgestone DURAVIS R002 (3.18), Continental Hybrid (3.14), Goodyear K-max Gen-2 (3.14), Michelin X Multiway 3D (3.15).

3 EU Label in sizes 315/80R22.5 STEER & DRIVE and 385/65R22.5 in TRAILER.

4 Based on internal field evaluation. Status May 2019.

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