Dueler AT 001

All Season Suv / 4x4 tyre
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Dueler AT 001

All Season Suv / 4x4 tyre

A new generation, premium quality all-terrain tyre exclusively for excellent off-road capabilities while delivering on-road performance.

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    • Adventurious
    • All-season Performance
    • Ultimate Protection
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    Download The AT 001 Tyre Size Table

    Download AT 001 Tyre Size Table

    Technical features & benefits

    Dueler AT 001 contains a geometric pattern to provide outstanding traction

    Geometric pattern

    To drive on all terrains
    We designed Dueler A/T001 to get you where you want to go as safely and comfortably as possible. The high blocks and wide gaps in the tread pattern gives the tyre its outstanding traction to help you drive safely on paved roads, dry trails and muddy, rocky terrain.
    Dueler AT 001 earned a ThreePeak Mountain Snowflake certification

    Tread lugs and grooves

    Uphold the tyre’s on-road performance
    We built Dueler A/T 001 to easily handle rough terrain without compromising the features that help it perform well on paved roads. The lug tread — the central part of a tyre’s tread — provides vehicle stability while the grooves channel water away to improve its contact with the road.
    Dueler AT 001 maintains its onroad characteristics to handle paved roads with precision

    Winter tyre features

    Certified for winter driving
    Dueler A/T 001 gives you the confidence to keep exploring, even during the coldest months of the year. The all terrain tyre earned a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake for its secure and stable grip on freezing wet roads and snowy terrain.