26 May 2021

As a global leader in sustainable mobility and advanced solutions, we are always looking for opportunities to improve the way people live, work and play — including the various modes of transportation people use daily. Find out how the new U-AP 002 delivers a comfortable ride for city bus passengers and supports cities to be more sustainable.



Urban mobility at a glance


Urban mobility is among the many mobility experiences we dedicate time and resources to improving. But urban mobility is about more than making sure people get from point A to point B in the city. For us, it is about ensuring passenger vehicles and city buses can depend on our tyres or solutions to fulfil their needs along the way.

Whether it is delivering on safety and reliability, meeting the latest regulations or reducing emissions in congested areas, our new U-AP 002 city bus tyre takes all of these needs into account to shape the future of city buses.


How U-AP 002 overcomes urban mobility challenges


These days, many city bus fleet managers have a long list of expectations for their tyres, ranging from convenience to sustainability and efficiency. Discover how engineers designed the U-AP 002 to overcome current challenges in the market and improve buses for the future.


Developed for newer and diversified buses


The electric and hybrid bus markets are expanding, which means diversified city buses need the right tyres to complement their performance capabilities. The U-AP 002 meets the following criteria for multi powertrains:


  • A 200 kg higher load capacity suitable for eight-tonne steer axles1
  • Advanced technologies for low rolling resistance and reduced tyre noise
  • An optimised tyre design for improved performance against higher torque and irregular wear


Built to last and supports sustainability


Engineers developed the U-AP 002 to perform better for longer to help city bus fleets commit to their sustainability goals and meet the latest regulations. With increasing demands to curb carbon emissions and fuel consumption, fleet managers expect their tyres to have competitive labels for efficiency.

Rated "B" for rolling resistance, the U-AP 002 offers reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions2.. The excellent robustness, new pattern design and compound technologies help the tyre attain a 9% longer wear life for excellent mileage3. Its thick sidewall protection and robust casing enable multiple tyre lives when retreaded.



Increased savings


The longer wear life also allows city bus fleets to lower their total cost of ownership for increased savings. When connected with RFID technology, the tyre can leverage Bridgestone's Total Tyre Care solution to help fleet owners monitor, maintain and manage their U-AP 002 tyres and reduce tyre-related costs.


Comfortable journey


Beyond sustainability, increased wear life and higher load capacity, the U-AP 002 also ensures passengers and drivers enjoy a comfortable journey while contributing to improving urban mobility. The closed pattern design supports city driving performance and while driving at a higher torque.

The new sipe geometry protects the tyre from forces as it navigates congested and narrow roads. The tyre also received winter markings which means it’s prepared to perform during the coldest months of the year and improved Wet Grip index versus our predecessor.



Upgrade your fleet


Improving city buses is one way we can alleviate the effects of urban traffic on cities worldwide. With the demand for large-scale, efficient and sustainable public transport systems, the U-AP 002 is there to help city bus fleets excel.

Find out more about the U-AP 002 or find a dealer today.



1 Compared with its predecessor, the Bridgestone U-AP 001.
2 Compared with its predecessor, the Bridgestone U-AP 001.
3 Based on internal field test (MTF801) carried out vs predecessor U-AP 001 Size 275/70 R22.5, all position (projected mileage of EV + ICE).