09 Feb 2021

As a fleet manager, you juggle many responsibilities day in and out to keep your fleet running at maximum efficiency. From overseeing the health and safety of your drivers and fleet vehicles to taking on the challenge of cutting costs and emissions. How do you meet all of these demands? Check out some of the benefits you gain when you choose to retread your tyres with Bandag.


Bandag tyre retreading…


1. Reduces your cost per kilometre


One of the most significant challenges you may face as a fleet manager is accomplishing all of your goals while keeping costs low. Reducing cost per kilometre is an excellent solution.

Fleet managers who choose to retread their tyres with Bandag have the potential to reduce their cost per kilometre by an average of 30% compared to a new tyre. Bandag achieves this significant cost reduction by maximising tyre life. Bridgestone’s Total Tyre Life programme covers the entire lifecycle of your tyres, delivering a significantly lower total tyre cost per kilometre. When linked with Bandag’s BASys system, Bandag dealers assign a unique barcode to a casing to track it through the logistics and manufacturing process, giving you visibility of your assets and making the retreading process more efficient.

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2. Meets high-quality standards


Keeping your fleet up and running at optimal efficiency is vital, which means the retreads you purchase must perform as they should all day, every day. Whether you are buying Bandag tyre retreads for a light or heavy commercial vehicle, you can count on the same product, expertly produced and fitted to the same level of precision.

What are other ways Bandag meets strict quality standards?

  • Bandag retreads are produced exclusively by fully-certified and continually-audited Bandag Franchised Dealers according to the same uniform process.
  • Every Bandag retread is the result of each dealer’s expert application of the Bandag System, combining patented Bandag treads and cushion gum, proprietary Bandag equipment and Bandag’s highly advanced retreading process.
  • Annual audits by in-house technical service engineers, compulsory training and Bandag’s ISO 9000 certification all form part of Bandag’s global Quality Certification System.
  • Bandag franchised dealers in the European Union comply with Regulation UN ECE109, which ensures every retread meets the same standards of quality and reliability as those applicable to new tyres.
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3. Brings fast and reliable service to your doorstep


No matter the challenges your fleet may face, you want a retread partner that can bring personalised, fast and reliable service when you need it most.

Bandag relies on 90+ franchisees across Europe that are part of the Bandag Franchisee Network. These local franchisees incorporate Bandag’s high-quality standards and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a comprehensive range of high-performance products designed to get the most out of your tyres. The franchisees are also fully compliant to meet the latest regulations.

With a European-wide network of Bandag retreading facilities, Bandag can bring retread solutions to your fleet’s doorstep. Apart from the short turnaround time, the proximity of a Bandag dealer also saves on transport costs and reduces emissions.

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4. Contributes to your fleet’s sustainability


Incorporating more environmental practices is top of mind across all industries, and that’s especially true for the commercial fleet sector. Tyre retreading presents an excellent opportunity to help your fleet meet the European Union's regulatory requirements for emissions, and adopt more eco-conscious practices

How does Bandag tyre retreading contribute to sustainability?


  • Bandag retreads help your fleet maximise its tyre performance
  • The retreading process uses fewer raw resources (oil, steel and rubber)
  • Fewer resources during the production process mean reduced C02 emissions
  • Retreading reduces tyre waste and supports a circular economy
  • Partnering with local dealers near customers creates a more efficient workflow


Find out why Bandag retreads are an economical and ecological choice for fleets


Part of Bridgestone: a leader in advanced solutions and sustainable mobility


If your fleet is new to tyre retreading, choosing a well-known brand that offers the highest quality products and services in the retreading industry is the way to go.

Bandag brings over 60 years of industry expertise and is a leader in global retread solutions.
Because Bandag is part of the Bridgestone Group, your fleet can benefit from premium tyres, mobility solutions, and a highly specialised network of dealerships to support your fleet and help it optimise its operations even more.

Get started today by calculating how much you can save with Bandag retreads.